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Memorial Collage design

Photograph Requirements

In order to create a clear image on bronze, the highest quality photographs will produce the highest quality cast image.

Tips for Choosing Photos:

  • Photos should be originals and can be in black & white or color. Duplicates are considered an original.
  • Avoid photographs that are washed out as the image will not be crisp and clear. To achieve desired results, the photograph should have good contrast and clarity. Images that have shadows will be reproduced with shadows.
  • Indicate which portion of the photograph should be used (Do Not Cut Out Pictures) – the entire photo, a certain  person(s), bust, full figure, or background, etc.
  • Background photographs should be scenic such as: the ocean, a forest, etc. Do not use groups of people as a background.
  • When ranking and identifying photos, add it to file description.

Tips for Scanning and upload Photos:

  • Make sure scanner bed is free of dust so that particles do not interfere with photo clarity.
  • Photographs can be scanned vertically or horizontally.
  • Scan photos at a resolution of 300 dpi for a standard photo size of approximately 3.5” x 5”.
  • File formats that are accepted are: psd, jpg or tiff and upload photos to order form.

Instructions for mailing Photographs:

  • When sending photos, do not staple or paperclip to the order form. Place between two pieces of cardboard and tape sides to secure.
  • Photographs must be removed from mountings or frames before sending with printed order form. 
  • When ranking and identifying photos on the back side, write lightly or use a sticky note.
  • All photographs are sent directly to our Care Counselors team to the address at top of estimate/quote form. 

capturing Life's stories

Remember that special someone with a highly personalized Expressions in Bronze memorial. Tell the story of their life and your own to share with future generations. When our in-house artists combine molten bronze and specialized technology with original photographs, the result is a beautiful bronze memorial that is as individual as the people and places you're paying tribute.