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Our Pledge:

When you choose our memorials, you are assured of true quality materials, outstanding artisanship and complete satisfaction. 


•    Estimates are provided for all memorial headstones and grave markers
•    All our headstones and markers are made to industry standards and regulations.
•    To order a 50% down payment is required and balance due prior to installation. 
•    Design proof are provided for memorial headstones and grave markers for accuracy
•    Any changes after approval in three working days will be assessed a handling fee of 10% if the order is through letter setting,
40%, if the order is through pouring and 80% if the order is completed. 
•    An art and labor charge of $50 for cancellation prior to production and no refund after production. 
•    Not responsible for theft, vandalism or equipment damage after installation. 
•    Bronze, granite, marble and zinc are natural product color may vary.

Order Process:

•    Select Design & Colors
•    Cemetery Verification (rules, regulations & requirements)
•    Design Proof (1 revision)
•    Production (no refund)
•    Delivery/installation
•    Total process standard orders about 6-8 weeks
•    We will keep you informed about your order

Cemetery Information:

•    Cemeteries, regardless of what some proprietors may tell you, are required to accept headstones purchased from other
 companies (such as Price Memorial Concepts) so long as those headstones conform to the their established policies.
•    There are four important questions you should ask the cemetery before ordering.
     1.    What size can my headstone or grave marker be?
     2.    What type should the headstone or grave marker be, bronze on granite or only granite?
     3.    What color can I select for the granite or bronze oxidation?
​     4.    What is your installation fee?
•    Some cemeteries install their own headstones and grave markers at a fee, which should be the same as if purchased from the
cemetery (by law).
•    Contact the Federal Trade Commission if you feel your rights violated.

Bronze Markers:

     Product Features:
     •    The Cast Bronze is mounted to the granite base
     •    Certified Bronze
     •    Armor Guard™ Bronze Finish
     Product Details:
     •    Name (Companion-family name and two individual names)
     •    Birth & Death Dates
     •    Choice of bronze color/oxidation
     •    Choice of granite base colors
     •    Choice of design layout 
   •    Up to three emblems
     •    Up to six words, additional at cost
     •    Bronze vase can be added and recessed when not in use
     •    Ceramic picture can be added 

     Expressions in Bronze:

     See product page for specific requirements.

Bronze Certification:

 True memorial bronze has been used in casting your memorial. The alloy content of the bronze used is as follows:
      •    not less than 87% Copper,
      •    not less than 5% Tin,
      •    not more than 5% Zinc,
      •    not more than 2% Lead and
      •    all other elements not to exceed 1-1/2%

Granite Markers and Headstones:

     Product Features:
     •    Standard balance rock pitch (brp) granite, this is the rough side of the stone
          P1 = polished or steeled face of stone
          P2 = Polished or steeled front and back
          P3 = polished or steeled front, back & top
          P5 = polished or steeled front, back, top & ends.
     •    Standard flat markers are polished or steeled top & drp
     •    Standard bevel markers are polished or steeled top, & drp
     •    Standard slant markers are polished or sawn face, sawn back & brp
     •    Standard upright headstones are polished front and back & brp
     •    Multiple sizes, shapes & colors
     Product Details:
     •    Name (Companion-family name and 2 individual names)
     •    Dates of Birth & Death
     •    Up to 25 free charters additional at cost
     •    Choice of granite colors
     •    Choice of design layout
   •    Vase can be added at additional cost (recessed when not in use)
     •    Picture can be added at additional cost

Ceramic or Bronze Pictures:

See product page for specific requirements.